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   Thank you for considering Las Vegas The Erotic Cakes Bakery USA for your party  Las Vegas cakes and bakery needs. Our  Las Vegas cake decorators specialize in wedding  Las Vegas cakes, holiday cakes, grooms cakes, birthday cakes, specialty  Las Vegas cakes, custom cakes, erotic cup cakes, adult cupcakes candies, Las Vegas bachelor cakes, bachelorette cookies, x-rated  Las Vegas cupcakes  cake, x rated cup cakes cake, French pastries and decorative  Las Vegas cakes. We also carry sugar free  Las Vegas cakes, diabetic cakes, cholesterol free items. We specialize in  Las Vegas chocolate erotic cakes, candy x-rated cakes, chocolate adult cakes, candy mouth  & chocolate candy any shape any style, any color.



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                            Erotic Baking USA is your leader resource for delicious, quality exotic adult sexy cakes. Let our crack designer's work with you to fashion the ideal custom, sexy, adult themed XXX-Rated treat for your next occasions. Whether itís a bachelorette, bachelor or birthday or Anniversary, or even a sex toy party, weíve got you covered with the just right Large bust, boob, vagina, pussy, Derriere, butt or penis , or dick cake for you! Our sweets are available in Brooklyn, Bronx, NYC, NY, Queens, Long Island and Atlantic City & Staten Island!!! Do you feel embarrassed calling asking about that sexy erotic morsel cake? Well there is no reason to be timid. Thatís why Erotic Baking USA is at hand. There is no designer cake we that we have not heard, seen or made or cum across. So just look around our Erotic Baking USA site and then contact our support Decorators, who man the phone 24/7 around the clock discuss your festivity & exotic party needs and any custom baking ideas you may have!!!

                                   Thank you for considering The Erotic Cakes Bakery USA for your party cakes and bakery needs. Our cake decorators specialize in wedding cakes, holiday cakes, grooms cakes, birthday cakes, specialty cakes, custom cakes, erotic cakes, adult candies, bachelor cakes, bachelorette cookies, x-rated cake, x rated cake, French pastries and decorative cakes. We also carry sugar free cakes, diabetic cakes, cholesterol free items.

New York City NYC NY Doggy style sexy bed cake

Miami Beach Florida erotic man's chest and tie jeans and belt and handcuffs Use links to the left to see more cake

California Beverly Hills Busting out tits blue bikini female fully curved sex torso cake

Atlanta Georgia Vivacious extra large animated like giant mama tits and red polka dot string bikini

Chicago Illinois giant big black booty with pink slinky bikini falling off body cake

Connecticut Bridgeport Bottle drink live laugh custom cake

Canada Toronto Playboy bunny sexy body cake

Denver Colorado Sherriff exotic full torso tie and bulging jeans cake

Indianapolis Indiana short white skirt on firm round butt black cake

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Washington DC white shorts black band bulged out underwear x-rated cake

   At Erotic Cakes Bakery USA all of our cakes are hand carved and not made from a mold. Each of our customers get a unique personalized design. At EROTIC our decorator hand draws on each individual cake. We will  create any design that you can imagine from a couple making love on top of a cake to a bachelorette hand carved dick or bachelor female torso with edible panties bra. We are also the leaders in the most exotic shaped cakes. Our male or female erotic body shapes are  always the talk of any bachelor Shower or bachelorette Party ! All our loyal and new customers are welcome to design their own cake. Erotic Cakes Bakery USA  is happy to create a cake to your specification. Our Motto is "You design it, we will bake it" Our Adult X-rated party theme cakes go over great at an x-rated party at your home.

You supply Photo or drawing our computers will redraw it onto a fully edible cake. Limitations apply, no copyrighted material accepted unless accompanied by models release, notarized. Please ask about our erotic cookies, with EDIBLE photos, they are the perfect favor....  ..

We make our custom Gingerbread houses to order. Our Ginger bread houses are made in the shape of your houses, office buildings, skyscrapers etc. We are experts at using our recourses and your emailed pictures of your building, to copy it and make it look like you house or home. Some of them have garages, the gingerbread houses can have lights on them that you plug in to light up. They can be customized any way you can dream. In fact we dare you to give us a design that we can't do. The more weird of a design the better we like it. The gingerbread house are fully edible, you can design these houses with paths, signs, icicles, candy, cookies, chocolates ect. The houses are made out of homemade gingerbread dough, or the ginger bread houses can be made out of chocolate. Enjoy your Christmas holidays.

                         Use this link to see more Christmas Custom Gingerbread Houses delivery Nation wide in one day


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